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Music is so important, it brings you in the right mood. It can heal pain and is sometimes even therapeutic. I'm all about the power of music!


Everybody has a special song that just hits all the right spots, is just so completely you or just means the world to you. Or maybe you and your lover share this magical song, with those spot-on lyrics that just seem made for you two! How cool would it be to have this song turned into an illustration? I know, right!

Good news! I can make that happen!

How? Just follow the next steps:

1) send me an e-mail 

2) tell me which song you like + which part of the lyrics you want me to illustrate (as short as possible please)

3) why you love this song so much and/or who it's for (I'm just dying to know and it helps me with the creative process)

I make the illustration and I send you the high resolution document (or the print out). If you're ok with it, I post the illustration on instagram (please share!).

There is a waiting list, so you might have to wait a little while...

Let's talk PRICES:

If you live in Belgium, there are two options:

1) I send you your very personal high resolution illustration by e-mail for 45 euros (= the price of a nice sushi take away meal for two)

2 I send you the HR illu and I make a highly qualitative printout on A3 and you pick it up/I send it to you (depending how far you live) = 67 euros (= the price of one therapeutic session + some Ben& Jerry's!)

If you don't live in Belgium:

- I only do the first option (because of the high sending costs)

Hope to hear from you soon!


Sultans of Swing
Sail away
Everything is everything
All we do
Lean on
Wordy Rappinghood
That's no way to say goodbye'
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